Maria Laura Santillán by Pilar Bustelo


Hand of journalist

Maria Laura Santillán photographed by Pilar Bustelo

Tell the world. White metal 30 x 26 x 18 cm. .


Maria Laura Santillán. Born March 15, 1962, is an Argentine television and conductive journalist. From makes more than 25 years works for the Group Clarín in various media, already are television, radio or graphics. She was married to Carlos de Elía, Artear News Manager, and has two daughters.

He began studying at the Faculty of philosophy and letters of the University of Buenos Aires. Then it added to the letters his studies of speech in the higher Institute for radio education (ISER). His career began in 1983 as a chronicler of information services on Radio Splendid and Radio Rivadavia and the program very fast of Héctor Larrea. She was married with Marcelo Morano and from 1990 until 2009 with the journalist Carlos Elía.

Since 1991 works Camal thirteen, where he has hosted and produced different programs such as Fax, the talk show common cause and Telenoche investigates, among others. Currently leads the news alongside Santo Biasatti Telenoche. He led Argentina to arm and currently David and Goliath by Todo Noticias. He has participated as speaker in conferences as the South American Business Foru

m.La Foundation Dr. Henry Rossi presents a new proposal linked to the art in order to raise awareness about the importance of self-examination in the prevention of breast cancer. On this occasion will be fourteen sculptures created especially for the #ArtistaEnMetal #Marcelo Toledo who inspired hand of women convened, as special talent of each, which represents each piece. From this, they were photographed by Argentine photographers, creating this groundbreaking exhibition whose mission is to raise awareness from the symbolic, for the prevention of breast cancer, since they are the hands of women who can, through the auto exam early detection of disease.

"The hands of these women represent the hands of all women, seeking to mobilize consciousness and forming the idea that each one is unique and unrepeatable, that can be distinguished from other women by its activity, by their personal characteristics or its texture, but that given the possibility of contracting breast cancer, all become equal.





Marcelo Toledo

En este momento estoy trabajando en la mejor de mís obras!

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