Karina Rabolini by Fabian Laghi

Hand of help

Karina Rabolini photographed by Fabian Laghi


Cry. Gold, copper, bronze, pewter, bronze Florentine, white metal 31 x 29 x 19 cm.



Karina Eliana Rabolini. Was born on April 27, 1967, Elortondo, Santa Fe Province, Argentina) is an entrepreneur and former Argentine model. He served as President of the Foundation of the Bank of the province of Buenos Aires and first lady of the same, because he was partner with the ex motonauta and Governor Daniel Scioli; with whom he has been married and divorced previ

ously. The Foundation Dr. Henry Rossi presents a new proposal linked to the art in order to raise awareness about the importance of self-examination in the prevention of breast cancer. On this occasion will be fourteen sculptures created especially for the #ArtistaEnMetal #Marcelo Toledo who inspired hand of women convened, as special talent of each, which represents each piece. Starting from this, were photographed by outstanding photographers Argentine, generating this innovative exhibition whose mission is create awareness from it symbolic, for the prevention of the cancer of breast since are them hands of them women which can, through the auto test detect early the disease.

"The hands of these women represent the hands of all women, seeking to mobilize consciousness and forming the idea that each one is unique and unrepeatable, that can be distinguished from other women by its activity, by their personal characteristics or its texture, but that given the possibility of contracting breast cancer, all become equal.






Marcelo Toledo

En este momento estoy trabajando en la mejor de mís obras!

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